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Jim Churchman: The man that gives the Super Heroes wings.

November 17, 2019
Dearly beloved we are gathered here today in the presence of action to bring you Jim Churchman.
A stuntman and coordinator who has given new life to the action franchise with his quick thinking and his ability to try new and never before attempted feats of greatness.
CAPTAIN MARVEL, X-MEN DARK PHOENIX and ANT MAN are just three of the occasions where Jim has pushed the envelope.
His work on IRON MAN 3 is possibly the finest ever captured on screen - and yet deep down he is a man who likes to achieve. I ask you who considers breaking an existing high fall record of 370ft by attempting 25000ft?
He is also a passionate family man and a very special human being, who tries, through his work to make other peoples lives just that little bit better. His work on behalf of children battling incredible physical and mental challenges is something he is hugely proud of.
We urge everyone to visit to discover more about this wonderful project and this incredible man.
Ladies and gentlemen this is JIM CHURCHMAN
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