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ROY ALON - The Stunt Pod Legend Series (Episode 2)

July 29, 2020

ROY ALON was one of the most prolific stuntmen the world has ever seen. He was introduced to the business through VIC ARMSTRONG who was good enough to join us and share some of his favourite stories about Roy.

ROY ALON got a reputation for being a high fall man and performed some of the very best. In particular a 100ft fall in the 1981 film GREEN ICE which was admired by stunt performers the world over including the great DAR ROBINSON who was no stranger to a high fall as you all know.

I was lucky enough to know ROY ALON in the late eighties and got to perform a few falls with him whilst I was training for the Stunt Register - he was a lovely guy. A hero and a great teacher, he also made you feel so much better after you'd spoken to him.

This episode is a celebration of his life so if you haven't seen him work, check out some of the titles we talk about and either find the clips on YouTube or watch the films themselves.

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