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StuntBook Australia with Haydn Dalton

August 26, 2020
HAYDN DALTON is an Australian, so don't mention the rugby, or the cricket for that matter! However, his a good bloke. He's also a talented stuntman and the creator of STUNT BOOK AUSTRALIA, a dating app for production companies and stunt coordinators enabling them the chance to find their perfect match....for a stunt performer anyway.
We talk about his background and entry into the stunt business and how the stunt business in Oz if very different to that of the rest of the western world. We ask him about his early stunt jobs, doubling for ZACH GALIFIANAKIS on the HANGOVER movies, tearing all the ligaments in both knees during a stunt, his love of PINBALL, everything EVEL KNIEVEL and doubling for DONALD TRUMP!
All this and so much more on this weeks show.
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