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Life In The Foust Lane….TANNER FOUST

July 15, 2020

TANNER FOUST is one of those guys who just needs to be behind the wheel of a car. He's the guy who will volunteer to be the designated driver just because he hasn't driven this particular make or model yet.

His incredible rise is down to his determination and drive and his ability to make a car do absolutely anything....and very quickly.

Professional Rally X, Formula Drift, X Games and holder of the worlds longest jump in a 4 wheeled vehicle....332ft.

This ability was spotted by Hollywood and he was then asked to perform driving stunts in a number of big budget adventures including NEED FOR SPEED, THE DUKES OF HAZARD & FAST AND FURIOUS TOKYO DRIFT


So buckle up and don't touch anything on the dashboard - TANNER FOUST is in control and when he stomps on the gas you'll wish you'd gone 10-100 before the show.

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