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Ingrid Kleinig: From Wallaby to Wasp via an Elf.

Ingrid Kleinig: From Wallaby to Wasp via an Elf.

June 22, 2019
Australian Stunt Woman, Ingrid Kleinig is a LA based Stunt Coordinator & performer who fell into the world of stunts while swinging 140ft above the arena for the Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games. Having toured the globe with renowned physical theatre company Legs on the Wall as well as the Sydney Theatre Company - performing alongside the likes of Cate Blanchett & Joseph Fiennes, she had formed a wealth of physical, technical & artistic vocabulary across multiple fields including directing & rigging that lent itself precisely to the stunt industry.
In recent film endeavours Ingrid was the stunt double for Margot Robbie on Suicide Squad & The Legend of Tarzan, Brie Larson on Captain Marvel & Kong: Skull Island & Evangeline Lilly on Ant Man & The Wasp & The Hobbit Trilogy. She was one of only two female stunt drivers on Mad Max: Fury Road, can drive a big rig truck & hold her breath underwater for five & a half minutes. She is also the first female to be officially graded as an Assistant Stunt Coordinator in Australia where, to date, no female has ever held the position of Stunt Coordinator. She continues to pursue her passion for movement within the realm of film by creating action that serves the story.
All this and now she takes time from her library and billiards room to tell us her story ....join us as we delve into the world of the sensational, the award winning, INGRID KLEINIG
John Wick Special with Scott Rogers

John Wick Special with Scott Rogers

June 16, 2019
What do all these movies from the last 5 years have in common?
They all have coordinated action by this weeks guest. SCOTT ROGERS.
We look at some of his past glories in the business and then take an in-depth look at JOHN WICK 3 and how Scott creates the action that we see on the screen.
Hold on for an extraordinary ride into the mind of one of the top coordinators around today.
Ladies and Gentlemen......SCOTT ROGERS
Pete Antico

Pete Antico

June 10, 2019
Pete Antico’s film credits as an actor include; The Creators, opposite Gerard Depardieu, Bruce Payne & William Shatner, Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2 in which he consulted lending his vast economic knowledge to Stone, portraying a hedge fund manager, The Other Guys with Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg, Black Dynamite, The Hunt For Red October, Con Air, Lethal Weapon III and Time Cop II. 
Antico has had memorable roles in such films as 29th Street with Danny Aiello and Motorcycle Gang directed by John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Clear and Present Danger) which Antico also had the privilege of befriending as well as being mentored by the legendary writer/ director for the last 15 years.
On top of all this he is a respected and highly regarded member of the Hollywood Stunt community. Having worked as stunt double for Robert DeNiro on Midnight Run and Syvlester Stallone in Tango and Cash.
And now he has reached the very top of his career......Pete Antico is on The Stunt Pod
Find out more about Pete here:
Taurus 2019 World Stunt Awards Review Show

Taurus 2019 World Stunt Awards Review Show

May 26, 2019

As promised, a review of the awards night including all the winners speeches curtesy of Taurus.

Our immense gratitude to the Taurus office for allowing us to have the audio recorded live on the night.

You can find all the listings here on the Taurus website including ways to donate to the foundation.

We hope you enjoy it.

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Frank Henson Tribute

Frank Henson Tribute

May 19, 2019
Frank Henson was without doubt one of the finest stunt drivers the UK has ever produced. His work throughout the seventies and eighties with Peter Brayham on iconic TV shows like The Sweeney and The Professionals has gone down in history.
He was also a regular in some of the biggest movies of the late 20th century including the James Bond series, Indiana Jones and most notably in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi as one of the stunt Biker Scouts.
Frank sadly passed away in April and as a tribute we have put together an interview that our Jon did with him about five years ago, intertwined with our thoughts on the great man and a tribute from stuntman, stunt coordinator and Franks friend for the last forty years Paul Weston.
A lovely man who has a story to tell - enjoy.
Bonus Episode: Action on a budget series - Metro Camera Cars

Bonus Episode: Action on a budget series - Metro Camera Cars

May 8, 2019

In the world of indie films people are always looking to include action without breaking the bank. In this special series of bonus episodes we look at various ways to that people are using innovative methods to 'get the shot'.

Part 2 of the series takes us to New York and we meet Metro Camera Cars. We speak to Joe Bearese, co-owner and former stuntman, DOP and now runs his own tracking vehicle company catering for the mid range budgets on the East Coast, Detroit and Atlanta.

Joe gives some great advice for filming on a low budget and tells us of his passion for helping people get the shot.

Find out more here:

Next episode, we catch up with a Podcast legend in LA. 

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Taurus 2019 World Stunt Awards Preview Episode

Taurus 2019 World Stunt Awards Preview Episode

May 5, 2019

It's that time of the year when the great and the good are nominated for their deserved Taurus Award.

In the is Episode we are joined by the brilliant Carl Ciarfalio who together with Lane Levitt and Spice Williams helped create the Taurus Awards and now sits on the Blue Ribboned Committee for the World Stunt Awards. 

Courtesy of the Taurus Office, we have been granted exclusive access to preview the awards with Carl and discuss each nomination at length and promote all of the  Performers, Riggers and Coordinators involved.

A few list of categories and nominations can be found here:

We will have a second show about the awards night in a few weeks with clips from the evening as well as some exclusive content.

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Bonus Episode: Action on a budget series - Wiral Lite

Bonus Episode: Action on a budget series - Wiral Lite

May 1, 2019

In the world of indie films people are always looking to include action without breaking the bank. In this special series of bonus episodes we look at various ways to that people are using innovative methods to 'get the shot'.

This episode is looking at Wiral Lite. A company started from a kickstarter campaign that wanted to film the 'impossible' shot and was blown away by the reception raising over a million dollars more than the funding goal! Founded in Norway the company is exceeding all exceptions.

The system is comprised of a motorized, remotely-controlled device that rolls across a cable fixed to two poles or similar structures. A camera can be attached to the bottom of Wiral LITE, which itself rolls across the cable while the camera records cinematic motion shots.

The cable cam system is being presented as an alternative to portable motorized slider devices, offering the ability to record motion shots over much larger distances than the average portable slider. It even can outdoor a drone!

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Next Bonus Episode: Metro Cars NY



Fit For Films - Support for Actors, Productions and Stunt Performers

Fit For Films - Support for Actors, Productions and Stunt Performers

April 21, 2019
In the old days a healthy regime for a stunt performer would have included only having one pork pie for lunch and just 3 or 4 pints after work instead of a massive lager bender.
Times have changed. Society has changed. So how do stunt professionals fine tune their bodies to be at the peak of physical fitness all the time and why is there a massive industry based around this form of regime change.
We ask one of the countries leading authorities, Fit For Films
Steve Grant is one of the UK’s leading and award winning Nutritionists & Functional Medicine Practitioners. He has supported those with health, performance and physiques goals for well over a decade and supported well over a 100 clients in the film industry alone since 2010, working on multiple movie productions. His clientele range from directors & actors through to stunt performers, wardrobe and anything in-between. Steve also runs busy clinics in and around London supporting people from all walks of life.
So chances are he knows his stuff. 
Find out more here:
Rocky Taylor: Jump Rocky Jump

Rocky Taylor: Jump Rocky Jump

April 14, 2019
Rocky Taylor is without question one of the UK stunt industry's legendary figures.
Rocky's first job was back in 1961 in the film 'The Young Ones', after this he never looked back.
His extraordinary career has been brought to life in book form thanks to our very own Stunt Pod co host Jon Auty and is released on April 18th by Pegasus books in all good book stores.
Rocky talks to us about some of those moments that have left quite an impression on him and his reason for writing the book in the first place.
To say that his life has been simple would be an understatement. He's had tragedy and joy in his life but one thing that remains is his ability to laugh. The book is filled with many very funny stories about his life as a professional stuntman.
JUMP ROCKY JUMP - How one man fell into stunt work.
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