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Melanie Benna - The episode where she doesn’t sing 99 Red Balloons

Melanie Benna - The episode where she doesn’t sing 99 Red Balloons

April 8, 2020

Welcome folks to this weeks episode and we find ourselves in Berlin, no not the band from the eighties although that wouldn't have done me any harm at all, the city through the medium of Skype and we chat with top German stunt professional Melanie Benna.

She has been on top of her tree for many years having worked on numerous Tv and Film projects including Who Am I, Sense 8 and A Cure for Wellness, all of which we discuss whilst she lounges comfortably in her penthouse suite.....

So Ladies and Gentlemen Meine Damen und Herren please welcome this weeks guest



A J BAKUNAS - The Stunt Pod Legend Series (Episode 1)

A J BAKUNAS - The Stunt Pod Legend Series (Episode 1)

April 1, 2020

A J Bakunas was only 27 years old when he died on the set of the movie 'Steel' in 1978, but whilst he was part of the Hollywood stunt business he had become a very important player. 

Join us as we look at his life through film and interviews and try to understand the man who took the stunt business to new heights.

This is the first in a series of podcasts about those stunt professionals, sadly no longer with us, who changed the business forever.


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The COVID 19 Lockdown Movie Watchlist

The COVID 19 Lockdown Movie Watchlist

March 25, 2020

Hi Folks

Well since the World is in doom and gloom we thought we could be the good public service broadcaster we always have aspired to and give you lonely, house bound individuals a list of things to watch.

These lists are no means the definite list, just things we turn to watch for our action fix (no, not that HUB). Plus a few recommendations to while away the hours in doors.

PLUS, we have a few extra special guests calling in to leave heart felt wishes for our poor Jon, who's leaving his training a little too late for some!

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Lots more little nuggets like this in the pipeline.

Rick Avery: From dot to dash to doubling Robert De Niro and creating one of the greatest car stunts ever!

Rick Avery: From dot to dash to doubling Robert De Niro and creating one of the greatest car stunts ever!

March 18, 2020
Rick Avery started out in life as a man with passion for karate and judo, found himself, pretty much by accident, on a Hal Needham movie and the rest as they say is history. Rick has done it all from fights, to fire jobs and high work. He is considered by many as one of the best car men in the business and in 1998 was given the job of coordinating the stunts on the movie Blues Brothers 2000. The 1980 original contained a mass car crash sequence that had to be topped. And boy did he top it!
He talks us through his career and that incredible car crash sequence in this weeks episode.
A quick episode where we talk about stuff

A quick episode where we talk about stuff

March 15, 2020

An episode where we talk about news, that Virus and the implications to the film industry and Jon's latest attempt at being a Stunt Performer.



The Dark Knight Rises: Opening scene breakdown with David Garrick (’cause he did it!)

The Dark Knight Rises: Opening scene breakdown with David Garrick (’cause he did it!)

March 11, 2020
2012 saw the release of Batman The Dark Knight Rises. Bringing Christian Bale and director Christopher Nolan back together once again. It produced many memorable scenes but all paled into insignificance behind the opening aerial sequence.
The capture and rescue of Bane played by Tom Hardy. Tom Struthers, the stunt coordinator, wanted something that had actually never been seen before, not without a back projection and Borehamwood high street in the background anyway. So he went to the best.
One of which was David Garrick who not only is an expert when it comes to aerial activity, after spending many years in the Parachute Regiment and Special Forces, but a highly trained stuntman who has worked for many years in Film and Television. We talk to him about his career and he tells us how this incredible sequence was conceived and put together. 
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Massimiliano Ubaldi: The Italian Job….ing Stuntman

Massimiliano Ubaldi: The Italian Job….ing Stuntman

March 4, 2020
If you've ever eaten a great Italian meal and drunk the best in Italian wine you are getting somewhere close to what being Massimiliano Ubaldi is like. He's a full bodied red who does a bit of action on the side.
In fact he is from Italian stunt stock. His father Giorgio Ubaldi was one of an elite crew who kept the action in Italian films for over 25yrs. Massi, started back in the early eighties and has continued to produce high end action on Film and TV in nearly 200 projects including 'Gangs Of New York', 'Mission Impossible 3' and a very brief moment in the brand new James Bond adventure 'No Time To Die'.
So make sure you haven't eaten for a while, wear your most comfortable eating trousers and dive into our main course of the very best in Italian cuisine. 
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Yancy Butler Special

Yancy Butler Special

February 26, 2020
Yancy Butler is a fully blown Hollywood actress. Which makes her the very first actual actress we've had on the show. The possibilities are now endless. Sandra Bullock....stand by your phone!
Yancy has been an actress for many years and has worked on a number of action packed movies including big box office projects like 'Hard Target' with Jean Claude Van Damme and 'Drop Zone' with Wesley Snipes. She is also very comfortable on the small screen and this year see's her celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show 'Witchblade' which broke US TV ratings records back in the day. In direct connection with that her current project 'Emerald Run' is written and directed by ex cast members from the 'Witchblade' show.
She talks TV and Film, stunts and how she thinks we are just the greatest podcast around......okay she didn't exactly say that, but we knew that's how she felt.
Zoe Bell and Once a Upon a Time in Hollywood

Zoe Bell and Once a Upon a Time in Hollywood

February 16, 2020

Zoe Bell joins us to tell us about the sequences on the Oscar winning ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD which she not only Coordinated but had role in too as Janet Miller alongside KURT RUSSELL.

Zoe is a wealth of information and tells it like it is. Starting her career as Lucy Lawless's double on the smash TV hit XENA: WARRIOR PRINCES she has not looked back and is now one the top stunt coordinators in Hollywood.

We hear what it's like to work closely with BRAD PITT and QUENTIN TARANTINO

We hope you enjoy this little snippet and we look forward to having Zoe back on in the future.

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Brian Nickels Tribute

Brian Nickels Tribute

February 9, 2020

Brian was a unique man, a salt of the earth kinda bloke. Hard as hell in an industry of 'artists', he would brighten up any set up with his infectious humour.

His sudden passing shocked the British stunt community and we have lost a true professional. Best known for his role in the opening fight sequence on the 2016 JASON BOURNE with Matt Damon, Brian was a former professional boxer who brought his fighting skills to the big screen. 

Brian joined the British Stunt Register in 1995 and quickly became known as a fearless stunt performer. 

We are joined by one of his best buddies Dave Garrick who gives us a flavour of Brians approach to life.

We will miss Brian and our collective, deepest sympathy goes to his family and friends at what must be a very difficult time.

RIP Brian and whenever you hear 'SECOUNDS OUT!' think of Brian.