RIck English Part 2: No relation to Johnny.

February 10, 2019

In this Episode we finish our chat with Rick. We talk about his way of doing what he does and his approach to stunt work. We also have our Q&A with him and find out what makes him tick.

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Rick English Part 1: The High Side of Life

February 8, 2019
Rick English is without doubt one of the busiest stunt performers on two & four wheels. 
In this Episode we discuss his career since joining the British Stunt Register in 2001, his aspirations to get into the business and we look at some of his most challenging stunts to date, including work on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, CASINO ROYALE, GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE and SKYFALL.
We also chat about Rick's extensive work on KINGMSAN: SECRET SERVICE & THE GOLDEN CIRCLE doubling COLIN FIRTH.
So pop the clutch and give it some gas with us as Rick English wheelies into the StuntPod and power slides his way through this weeks episode.
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Greg Fitzpatrick…..or is it Ben Stiller or maybe Robert Downey Jnr?

January 27, 2019
If you've ever seen a Ben Stiller movie then you will have see Greg Fitzpatrick in action.
An actor who 'fell' into stunt work and has made a massive success of both ever since.
Not only that but he's also doubled Robert Downey Jnr on Iron Man....is there anything he can't do?
Well apart from finding Lop Sang obviously....

Discovery Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU11yEk26Zk&index=364&t=0s&list=WL

World Stunt Awards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcNHSyiJoJI&t=135s&list=WL&index=361

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0280525/?ref_=nv_sr_2



Maria Hippolyte: From Hackney to Hollywood

January 20, 2019
MARIA HIPPOLYTE is a relatively new member of the British Stunt Register. She's determined, she's a great dancer and when she relaxes, she likes to knit....yep....you heard me correctly. There's a new breed on the streets and they are knit a mean beanie hat!
We talk about her career as a dancer and the circus which led her to a career in stunts. We speak at length about her first job on WONDER WOMAN and her role in BLACK PANTHER as a DORA MILAJE.
We also speak about her thoughts on being only the second black female stunt professional since the British Stunt Register began in 1973. Maria is huge fun and we hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did putting together. Sit back and enjoy Maria in full flight.
Find Maria on Instagram @mariahippolye_x_
Twitter: @mariahippolyte
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Knox: High quality protection from the school of hard Knox

January 13, 2019

Updated 'louder' episode

This episode we visit Planet Knox where we discuss the use of their pads within the film and TV industry with Aaron Travell, Operations Director at Knox.

Knox began back in 1981 with the first ever back protector and have since won countless awards for their innovation and quality. They quickly became the go to equipment for motorcycle riders. Stunt Performers across the globe began to see the potential benefits and the kit rapidly became a performers favourite.

We also speak to Knox Ambassador Rick English about his experience as a stunt motorcyclist, stunt performer and double using Knox Armour.

Knox have been kind enough to off a 20% discount on their kit to all StuntPod listeners purchased from their website (valid up to 1st March 2019). Simply type in 'thestuntpod' in the coupon box for your discount.

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Ben Dimmock: The real Jason Bourne…..according to Matt Damon

January 6, 2019
If you anagram Ben Dimmocks name it gives you Combed Mink which kind of describes Ben down to the ground. Five foot ten of pure gentleman.
We had such a great time interviewing him about his career and talked about films such as CAPTAIN AMERICA, BOURNE ULTIMATUM and JASON BOURNE where he began his relationship with MATT DAMON as his stunt double.
We look into his early career - his love of motorcycles and his thoughts of how being a professional stunt performer is the greatest job in the world. Plus a load of laughs too.
You can find more about Ben on IMDB and at Rage Stunts 
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Andy Armstrong: Part 2

December 24, 2018

Here we go with Part 2 of an audience with Andy Armstrong 

We discuss with Andy what is a stunt, his favourite gags and generally lift the lid on the process of one of the most successful men in the film action industry.

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Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. See you in 2019!

From Megan, Blake & Jon


Andy Armstrong: Part 1. From the M40 to LA

December 16, 2018

WOW! It's only Andy Armstrong!!!!!!!!

We can't tell you what a honour this was. Andy has had a monumental rise in the industry since his Dad found him on the M40 motorway fixing his truck who then took him to the airport and put him on a plane to the south of France to work for his Brother Vic on THE ZOO GANG in 1974.

Since then he has worked as a Production Assistant, 1st AD, Director, Writer, Producer, Stunt Performer, Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Coordinator on some of the biggest films in Cinema. In this episode we chat to Andy about his career and he tells some fantastic stories about films such as HIGHLANDER, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN and many more.

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Andy on IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0035609/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1



Matthew Hope: Writer Director of All the Devils Men

December 9, 2018

In this episode we talk to Writer/Director MATTHEW HOPE.

Matthew has just released his new action film ALL THE DEVILS MEN and is his latest production following THE VETERAN and THE VANGAURD.

As you know, we don't review films. So we didn't. Instead we chatted to Matthew before he headed off to the USA for the Opening in LA about the action sequences and his unique position of being able to Direct what he wrote. 

Coordinated by British Stunt Register member JOHN STREET, it's realism is one of the things that stand in from the film in which John acted as Military Advisor too.

The Film is out on all the online platforms, the trailer can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilw3BXyqtzQ

IMDB Link here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6012244/?ref_=nv_sr_1

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Ron Goossens: Low Budget Stuntman

December 2, 2018

In this bumper episode we talk to the creators and the Stunt Coordinator of one of the funniest films of the 2017. 

Ron Goossens: Low Budget Stuntman is the brainchild of Steffen Haars and Flip Van der Kuil who have secured a reputation in Holland and indeed around mainland Europe as the new 'alternative' comedy film kings with their previous films such as New Kids on the Block and Bro's Before Ho's.

We also talk to Dutch Stunt Coordinator Willem de Beukelaer about his career and the Dutch Stunt community.

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