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Gregg Smrz: Part 1 - Becoming Smrz

August 26, 2019
Gregg Smrz: Part 1
Gregg Smrz really does have it all. Not content with being one of the very best stunt coordinators and 2nd unit directors in the business he also has two 'G's' in his first name. Some might say that's extravagant, but let me tell you he is fully aware of how good he is and what he can bring to any production. 
The first G is for 'grunt'. No, not what he does on set - its the sound of the motorcycle engines that brought him to join the sport he loves so much. A professional for many years, he raced with the best and then chose a different path.
The second G is for 'gasp' which is what the audience do whenever they see his work on screen. Throw a stick and you'll hit a Smrz action sequence in a big budget picture.  Face Off, Inspector Gadget, Knight and Day and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol - his 2nd unit directing work is once again very much on its A-Game. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and the soon to be released 6 Underground.
He's a biker with a passion for movies and a need for speed - ladies and gentlemen we give you GREGG SMRZ
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