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JEAN COULTER - The Charlies Angel who has a Hart to Hart with us

August 12, 2020

JEAN COULTER is one of those stunt pioneers you read about in cinema history books. When many of today's top stunt professionals were either in kindergarten or in utero Jean was falling down stairs, being knocked down by a car or rolling a car in a very short skirt, high heels and limited or no padding.

She has worked very hard to get to where she needed to be in order to work on shows like CHARLIES ANGELS, KOJAK, HART TO HART & THE STREETS OF SAN FRANSISCO - and has performed on the big screen in AIRPORT 77, CUJO, HONKY TONK FREEWAY, JAWS 2 & A VIEW TO A KILL.

She has also come up against those men, working in the business, who set out to make her life nothing short of downright difficult. A good looking girl on a movie set back in those days may, to some, have been considered fair game for almost anything, but some went just that bit bit too far.  It started with cat calling and ended with inappropriate suggestions and threats that ultimately blacklisted her and caused her to rethink her career.

JEAN COULTER is a survivor and we are very grateful for her for giving her time to chat. 



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