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The Lee Charles Interview - the one wear we don’t talk about his pants…much

The Lee Charles Interview - the one wear we don’t talk about his pants…much

June 10, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen it is our pleasure to have with us as our guest this week 6 time world kick boxing champion Lee Charles. 

We discuss his love for Bruce Lee and how that was the start of this incredible journey into Film and TV - over the last few years he's really come to the forefront with performances in big pictures like Final Score and The Courier.

Most recently his performance in the Sky Atlantic drama 'Gangs of London' has made him the darling of the press interview circuit so we are thrilled that he's been able to squeeze him in.

We've hidden all the sharp objects just in can't be too careful these days right?

Extraction Special

Extraction Special

June 3, 2020

Well folks, we pulled out the stops for this one to bring you not one, not two but three of the people behind the Netflix blockbuster Extraction.

We are joined by Director SAM HARGRAVE, Chris Hemsworth's Stunt Double BOBBY HOLLAND HANTON and! RANDEEP HOODA, one of the top Bollywood actors who plays Saju.

We discuss the behind the scenes prep and the hard work that went into making this brilliant action movie.

Do like Sam did and strap yourself into something for an epic episode. 

Melissa Stubbs: Part 2

Melissa Stubbs: Part 2

May 27, 2020

Welcome to Part 2 of our MELISSA STUBBS chat.

Here she takes us through her breakdown of the action from script to screen. How does she understand the action on the page, what tools does she use to make creating the action scene easier for her stunt team to understand,  why is her dog a wolf?

These questions and many more will be answered as with explore more fascinating facts from the world of MELISSA STUBBS.

How has Hollywood changed today, is it easier to be a woman in Hollywood now than every before and does she really like to start rumours on set just to get a laugh…who doesn’t?

Find out as we hot foot it into Episode 2 with MELISSA STUBBS

Melissa Stubbs: Part 1

Melissa Stubbs: Part 1

May 20, 2020
MELISSA STUBBS was born in Canada, lived in Liverpool and has travelled the world in search of action, adventure and somewhere quiet to sit and drink Merlot.
We find out what it was like growing up with two older brothers and how this sibling rivalry may have helped towards her love of competitive sports.
We chat to her about her incredible career and about many of the movies she has worked on over the years including Batman and Robin, The Last Samurai and Suicide Squad.
She has now moved into the world of Stunt Coordination and has once again applied the same hard work and determination in this side of the business as she did when she was performing full time.
So pull up a sun lounger and pour yourself a cold one as we crash through the window of MELISSA STUBBS place, avoid the wolf and get her on THE STUNT POD
The Jude Poyer Episode

The Jude Poyer Episode

May 13, 2020

JUDE POYER is the reel deal - he once had a dream, then followed it to Hong Kong and became a part of the industry that would shape him and continues to challenge him.

It took him eight years of solid work to create the Jude we know today. He has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hong Kong cinema including JACKIE CHAN, JET LI and SAMMO HUNG.

His transition from Hong Kong to the UK was more of a return, as he is originally from the UK, but was able to bring the experience he had gained abroad back with him to continue creating action for Film and Television. 

His recent work on GANGS OF LONDON has brought him to the attention of the average TV viewer. Director GARETH EVANS has been so very complimentary about Jude’s work that its very obvious the two men are really great friends with similar visions and goals to achieve.

We talk to JUDE POYER about everything, his background, his career to date and his ability to get employed even without being on the British Stunt Register. Prepare yourselves for a great chat with JUDE POYER who has, as you will note from the interview, a very calming voice and if the film business should never recover after this COVID-19 lunacy he might consider those restful peace and calm recordings the gives your inner mojo a happy safe place to be.


The one where Jon has a rant.

The one where Jon has a rant.

May 10, 2020

In this episode, Jon gets his soapbox out and, with help, jumps straight on it.

We talk about the current issues facing the Film Industry and the proposed DRAFT ideas of how to operate on set coming form the UK and the US.

Then Jon gets on his high horse about, well most things to be honest. 

Have a listen, enjoy a free flowing natter about the current world we are living in.

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Gangs of London Special

Gangs of London Special

May 6, 2020

'Makes Death Wish look like a Disney Musical' 

Every once in a while an 'event' moment happens in the entertainment world. It could be the long awaited release of an album by an artist who’s last release was 25yrs ago or a movie so important world events stop to let it have its time in the spotlight. Well, this time its TV’s turn to shine. As the world around us is locked down due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the spotlight once again turns to needles slaughter. Not by the virus but by the point of a pistol and on this occasion it was pointed at the head of a very powerful family.

Director GARETH EVANS brings us ‘GANGS OF LONDON’ a nine part exploration of everyday underworld folk. His vision in creating something that the average telly viewer hasn’t seen yet has been brought to life with the assistance of many of the very best stunt performers the UK has to offer. Under the watchful eye of stunt coordinator JUDE POYER the action is given new areas to explore, new ways to dress up the old ideas of the fight routine and new ways of making the audience hide behind the cushion on the sofa in fear. 

We have been lucky enough to get to speak to three members of this production to discuss the many action sequences and the creation and technology behind them. We speak to creator and director GARETH EVANS, we speak to stunt coordinator JUDE POYER (full Bio episode coming next week!) and we talk to cast member LEE CHARLES who is now recognised wherever he goes as “Lenn’, the underpants bruiser from episode 1 and 2.

So join us for a good old fashioned chat about fights and families in this weeks STUNT POD episode. 

No stuntmen were harmed in the making of this podcast.

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Previs Special 1: Project 44 Action

Previs Special 1: Project 44 Action

April 29, 2020

This Episode has a look at Previs (previsualisation) on stunt teams with Mark Kelly of Project 44 Action. As part of a special series of episodes we delve into action design.

Mark and the team from Project 44 Action have pushed the envelope with how they design and create their action sequences and package them quickly so the Director can see and adjust what he or she needs on set.

Working for the last year on TREADSTONE with Coordinator Buster Reeves, Mark and the team choreographed the fights and created previs for the series Directors and Action Directors.

Mark joined the British Stunt Register in 2012 and has quickly made a mark as the whiz kid with a camera.

Hope you enjoy the episode and if you do, let people know.

Action Factory:  The one stop shop for all things Stunts.

Action Factory: The one stop shop for all things Stunts.

April 22, 2020

There are not many stores or companies that spring to mind when you need kit to fall into, specific pads to wear, things to clip on to or gel to set your self on fire with. It's not the kinda department that can go into a high street store and find everything it needs. Hence the brilliance of Action Factory.

Jayson Dumenigo realised that there is a need for such a supplier and that he will not be able to perform stunt work forever. He and his crew have created a company that quickly redefined the service and supply for the stunt industry. From design and hire to clothing and pads, you can find a high standard of equipment and skills at Action Factory. Whats more, Action Factory are at the cutting edge of automated wire work. Check them out at

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Matt Stirling: Pick a gag, any gag…

Matt Stirling: Pick a gag, any gag…

April 15, 2020
Matt Stirling is a very familiar face - he has one of those faces that just doesn't allow him to make it through an entire movie without being killed. This bothers us because he's such a nice guy. A very talented stuntman and coordinator who has been on the UK Register since 1999 and a world class magician and hypnotist who has been putting me under since I started this paragraph.....and I'm back in the room!!
We talk to Matt about his childhood and his passion for life and entertaining. Plus some of the incredible stories that seem to follow him around on set. We also talk to him about his brilliant performance on Britains Got Talent.  Its a great thrill to finally have him on the show.
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